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Inner>>>... Deeper>>>... INTO THE HEART- open your mind!

Group Founder: loti
Description: Poetry is a language (call it 'n Taal, a Lingo, or whatever) spoken by the heart that belongs to an open mind and understood by the poets...*we poets*
Group Type: Public join
Members: 146
Category: Arts & Culture > Art

Topics (164)

go For now. (5) atreides
@ nite we will sleep close our hair interwined! Bt 4 nw seperate beds. At nite the fragrant scent of your body is a breeze carryin me 2 dreams! Bt 4 nw seperate beds! Months weeks days hours minutes! ...

go when i sleep (0) mischif7
At night when I sleepI dream of everythingEverything that could have beenAt the back of my headI've got this subconscious itch Itching of should, could, didn'tI haven't felt a pinch in yearsThe numbne...

go death to me for you to rule (0) mischif7
Answering a question with a questionA hook for your line and sinkerFishing for Jesus or just a religion?Knowing does not discriminateBeing known is the siren of a criminal on his way to becoming an in...

go My desert world (6) fanking
Draging myself along,barted and bruised,by the life before.Hunger and thirstlinger in my mind.Tormenting me by the minute.I quit my struggle to move on,blinded by the easy way out,before me.I look aro...

go Misty Eyes In The Mirror. (0) odin5
Misty eyes in the mirror,don't reflect the pain,it's only when you consider,there's only you to blame.Words that's softly spoken,can help to mend your heart,then trust becomes unbroken,although you dr...

go No Joy In My Heart (0) odin5
For a slice of happiness I'd give my soul,but I see joy in many places,like happy fruit in a happy bowl,the summer sun on happy faces.I've been on a journey,now I'm going home,to the country of my hea...

go thankful 4 u (0) chinax95
u enterd my life,n gave it light,u gave me d luv,dt help me survive,u gave me joy,dt make me smile,i wil luv u,til i die

go (0) mischif7
tucked in and still to be.still to be asleep.tossing and turning comfortably.comfortably hiding the mail.Fate, Fear, Foresight who is to blame. blame thy unchosen for that wich you art.are you not?not...

go Love to me (1) moobies
Beautify my soul with ur walm and tender smile come to me my darling let me hold u for a while take me on a journey of ur troubles and ur strife im by ur side in everything will u be my wife

go A fairytale (short story) (2) 0minous
When the last leaf falls. She said in answer to my question. That's forever! I cried out, overjoyed. Because there will always be trees on earth and at least half of them will contain leaves. She laug...

go not so dark and ominous (0) mischif7
at the end of the tunnel i wore the light. all the mud ive gone through has faded in flight.ears, tears no pain to be heard.keep thy eyes on the crown.keep thy eyes on the 19th battle, with t...

go the truth is.. (2) mischif7
the truth has always been there.Seen with foreign eyes.But now i see the language.And i speak it fluent.But you dont understand when i speak my mother tongue.I dont know what you say either.Your eyes ...

go insincere sincerity (2) mischif7
If every voice that cared were true.My heart would follow the happy beat.Smiles are to familiar with your deceit.I'm amazing and loved,where is the receipt? The last lie bought broke me and kept my po...

go Dong ding (0) moobies
Im watching u know im in no great rush im bedded in t*te in ur garden bush ive been watching u sleep and ive been in ur bed rolling around and smashing my head someday i will have u my rose of the nit...

go was i who? (1) mischif7
...silenced breath with a distorted beat. Nobody ever taught me to tie these laces on my feet. Clueless to my smile being upside down yet happy as a blind clown. Pain's attendance was never poor as he...


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